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“I've literally had parents call me up crying because of the resource we were able to create with the help of the Rootbuzz team! It's been a great experience and continues to drive new traffic to our site each day.”
Phil Strazzulla (nilsby.com)
“…Everything operates exactly as we need. We're glad we chose Rootbuzz!”
Imran Haddish (scivle.com)

What's so great about Q&A?


  • More responses
  • Build and grow your community
  • Interact directly with customers
  • Fully integrated with your site

Great Content

  • Give your customers a voice
  • Lead the conversation in your industry
  • Provide authoritative answers
  • Create unique marketing opportunities
  • Optimized for mobile


  • Improved SERP position
  • Occupy more first page results for targeted keywords
  • More pages per visit


Search Optimized

Tags allow posts categorized under relevant keywords, each with respective listing pages for better indexing. Related posts on each page create a deeply interlinked site to further aid spidering.

User Engagement

Badges, karma points, and other gamification, combined with activity notifications help keep users engaged and checking back for updates.

Seamless Integration

Visual Consistancy is important. Your visitors won't even notice when they move between your website and your rootbuzz!

Mobile Compatibility

Rootbuzz is compatible with the iPhone, Android, and Opera Mini browsers (over 90% of mobile devices).

Editorial Authority

You're the final authority on your rootbuzz content. Edit or remove anything that doesn't meet your standards.


Starts at $99/month + $0.0006/pageview (after the first 50,000)

Pricing Tiers

First X views $ per view
50,000 $0 (included)
500,000 $0.0006 /pageview
5,000,000 $0.0003 /pageview


Custom Theme

+ $49/month

Single Sign-on

+ $49/month


Made with Love

For $49/month you can get a custom, hand-coded theme that matches your website exactly. Visitors won't even notice they've left your servers!

Got Talent?

You can do the theming yourself for ultimate flexibility and control.

Quick and Dirty

We also have a growing collection of pre-made site themes available for you to use for free.

Single Sign-on

Your users will stay logged in when they click onto your rootbuzz. No extra accounts! No Extra login forms!

For many systems, setting up single sign-on takes less than 10 minutes!